Fact Sheets

Supre Tan
Beach Happy /assets/images/BeachHappyNoPricing.pdf
Go to Black Blazing Hot Bronzer /assets/images/GTBBlazingHotBronzerNoPricing.pdf
Happy Camperz /assets/images/HappyCamperzNoPricing.pdf
Heart of Glow /assets/images/HeartofGlowNoPricing.pdf
Hempz Hypoallergenic Natural Bronzer /assets/images/HempzHypoallergenicNoPricing.pdf
LoveYourSelfie /assets/images/LoveYourSelfieNoPricing.pdf
Ocean Waterz /assets/images/OceanWaterzNoPricing.pdf
PowerUp /assets/images/PowerUpNoPricing.pdf
Sandy Bottoms /assets/images/SandyBottomsNoPricing.pdf
Sweet & Sexy Miracle Intensifier /assets/images/SweetSexyIntensifierNoPricing.pdf
Beaches Be Crazy /assets/images/BeachesbeCrazyNoPricing.pdf  
Shore to Please /assets/images/ShoretoPleaseNoPricing.pdf
Blueberry Lavender & Chamomile Moisturizer /assets/images/hempz blueberry lavender moisturizer fact sheet.png
Blueberry Lavender & Chamomile Body Silk /assets/images/hempz blueberry body silk fact sheet.png
Blueberry Lavender & Chamomile Bath Salts /assets/images/Hempz Blueberry Lavender Bath Salts Fact Sheet.png
Pink Pomelo & Himalayan Sea Salt Moisturizer /assets/images/Hempz Pink Pomelo Moisturizer Fact Sheet.png
Pink Pomelo & Himalayan Sea Salt Body Scrub 
Pink Pomelo & Himalayan Sea Salt Foaming Body Wash /assets/images/Hempz Pink Pomelo Wash Fact Sheet.png
Sugarcane & Papaya Moisturizer /assets/images/Hempz Sugarcane Moisturizer Fact Sheet.png
Sugarcane & Papaya Foaming Body Wash /assets/images/Hempz Sugarcane Wash Fact Sheet.png
Pro Tan
Champagne Campaign /assets/images/ChampagneCampaignNoPricing.pdf
Desirably Dark /assets/images/DesirablyDarkNoPricing.pdf
Fashionably Hot /assets/images/FashionablyHotNoPricing.pdf
Partners in Wine /assets/images/PartnersinWineNoPricing.pdf
Pro Tan for Men Black Bronzer /assets/images/ProTanforMenBlackBronzerNoPricing.pdf
Pro Tan for Men Maximizer /assets/images/ProTanforMenMaximizerNoPricing.pdf
Pro Tan for Men Natural Bronzer /assets/images/ProTanforMenUltraBronzeNoPricing.pdf
Pro Tan Hypoallergenic /assets/images/ProTanHypoallergenicNoPricing.pdf
Fiesta Sun
Resting Beach Face /assets/images/RestingBeachFaceNoPricing.pdf
Salty Kisses /assets/images/SaltyKissesNoPricing.pdf
Sea for Yourself /assets/images/SeaforYourselfNoPricing.pdf
Australian Gold
Almost Famous /assets/images/Almost Famous Sales Fact Sheet.pdf
Confident by G Gentlemen /assets/images/Confident by G Gentlemen Sales Fact Sheet.pdf
Current Mood /assets/images/Current Mood Sales Fact Sheet.pdf
Ferocious /assets/images/Ferocious Sales Fact Sheet.pdf
Hemp Nation White Peach & Hibiscus Tan Extender /assets/images/HN White Peach Hibiscus Tan Extender Sales Fact Sheet.pdf
Hemp Nation White Peach & Hibiscus Body Wash /assets/images/HN White Peach Hibiscus Body Wash Sales Fact Sheet.pdf
Hydrate by G Gentlemen /assets/images/Confident by G Gentlemen Sales Fact Sheet.pdf
Idol /assets/images/Idol Sales Fact Sheet.pdf
Sol Daze /assets/images/Sol Daze Sales Fact Sheet.pdf
Sun Seeker /assets/images/Sun Seeker Sales Fact Sheet.pdf
Trouble Maker /assets/images/Trouble Maker Sales Fact Sheet.pdf
California Tan
Axis Face /assets/images/Axis Face SFS.pdf
Axis Intensifier /assets/images/Axis Intensifier Step 1 SFS.pdf
Axis Natural Bronzer /assets/images/Axis Natural Bronzer Step 2 SFS.pdf
Coast Intensifier /assets/images/Coast Intensifier Step 1 SFS.pdf
Coast Natural Bronzer /assets/images/Coast Natural Bronzer Step 2 SFS.pdf
CT Seven Bronzer /assets/images/CT Seven Bronzer Step 2 SFS.pdf
Restored 2 in 1/assets/images/Restored® 2-in-1 Intensifier Step 1 SFS.pdf
Sun & Surf /assets/images/Sun Surf by Cali Bronzer Step 2 SFS.pdf
Tekton Face /assets/images/Tekton® Face SFS.pdf
Tekton Tan Extender /assets/images/Tekton® Tan Extender Step 3 SFS.pdf
Tides & Vibes /assets/images/Tides Vibes by Cali Intensifier Step 1 SFS.pdf
Designer Skin
All Access/assets/images/All Access Sales Fact Sheet.pdf
Bittersweet /assets/images/Bittersweet Sales Fact Sheet.pdf
Black Rose Fleur /assets/images/Black Rose Fleur Sales Fact Sheet.pdf
Gilded Glam /assets/images/Gilded Glam Sales Fact Sheet.pdf
Heartless /assets/images/Heartless Sales Fact Sheet.pdf
No Apologies /assets/images/No Apologies Sales Fact Sheet.pdf
Oasis de Noite /assets/images/Oasis da Noite Sales Fact Sheet.pdf
Reputation /assets/images/Reputation Sales Fact Sheet.pdf
Sahara Jewel /assets/images/Sahara Jewel Sales Fact Sheet.pdf
So Shameless /assets/images/So Shameless Fact Sheet.pdf
Emerald Bay
Tropical Blush /assets/images/Tropical Blushâ„¢ SFS.pdf
Fitspiration /assets/images/Fitspiration Sales Fact Sheet.pdf
Stunning /assets/images/Stunning Sales Fact Sheet.pdf
Swedish Beauty
Bloom Service /assets/images/Bloom Service Natural Bronzer.pdf
Love Boho Positive Vibes /assets/images/Love Boho Positive Vibes DHA Bronzer.pdf
Loving Tanning Tonic /assets/images/Loving Tanning Tonic Natural Bronzer.pdf
Petal Pusher /assets/images/Petal Pusher Dark Bronzer.pdf
Pollution Protection Intensifier /assets/images/Pollution Protection Intensifier.pdf
Pollution Protection Bronzer /assets/images/Pollution Protection Natural Bronzer.pdf
Tingle Drops /assets/images/Tingle Drops.pdf
Tranquil Tanning Tonic /assets/images/Tranquil Tanning Tonic In Shower Tan Extender.pdf
Devoted Creations
All Black Everything /assets/images/All Black Everything Fancy Fact Sheet.pdf
Bikini Body /assets/images/Bikini Body Fancy Fact Sheet.pdf
Black Obsession /assets/images/Black Obsession Fancy Fact Sheet.pdf
Bourbon & Honey /assets/images/Bourbon Honey Fancy Fact Sheet.pdf
DC Bronzing Powder /assets/images/Devoted Creations Bronzing Powder Fancy Fact Sheet.pdf
Fuel My Fire /assets/images/Fuel My Fire Fancy Fact Sheet.pdf
Game Over /assets/images/Game Over Fancy Fact Sheet.pdf
Glow All Out /assets/images/Glow All Out Fancy Fact Sheet.pdf
Going Darker Drops /assets/images/Going Darker Drops Fancy Fact Sheet.pdf
Good Vibe Tribe /assets/images/Good Vibe Tribe Fancy Fact Sheet.pdf
HIM Fit /assets/images/HIM Fit Fancy Fact Sheet.pdf
Let's Flamingle /assets/images/Lets FlamingleFancy Fact Sheet.pdf
Maliblue /assets/images/Maliblue Fancy Fact Sheet.pdf
Seaside Sunset /assets/images/Seaside Sunset Fancy Fact Sheet.pdf
So Naughty Nude Aqua Rush /assets/images/So Naughty Nude Aqua Rush Fancy Fact Sheet.pdf
White 2 Black Face /assets/images/White 2 Black Facial Bronzer Fancy Fact Sheet.pdf
White 2 Black Leg /assets/images/White 2 Black Leg Bronzer Fancy Fact Sheet.pdf
White 2 Black Natural Bronzer /assets/images/White 2 Black Natural Fancy Fact Sheet.pdf
Ed Hardy
Coconut Kisses Black Label /assets/images/Coconut Kisses Black Label Fancy Fact Sheet.pdf
Ice Ice Baby /assets/images/Ice Ice Baby Fancy Fact Sheet.pdf
Oh Pale No! /assets/images/Oh Pale No Fancy Fact Sheet.pdf
Poolside Prosecco /assets/images/Poolside Prosecco Fancy Fact Sheet.pdf
Santorini Summer /assets/images/Santorini Summer Fancy Fact Sheet.pdf